Wednesday, April 2, 2014

:: Misi Jelajah Dunia - Germany ::

Assalamualaikum, hello people...

GERMANY. Next chapter after Swiss which took almost 2 months! sorry to keep you waiting, if there's anyone lah haha. We continued our journey from Zurich to Frankfurt. Did you find lots of frankfurter? Lame question but I hear you ask! haha. Of course we didn't. Well, is it even true that frankfurter comes from Frankfurt?? i don't know the answer, so google it yourself la ye hehehe. 

Spent a night there in a hotel near the city centre. MasyaAllah. There are too many premises providing prostitution-kind-of-business in that area. If you guys have ever come across Red Light which is famous in Amsterdam, yeah it's equivalent to that lah. Kalau panggil JAIS dan pihak berkuasa ni, confirm penuh lokap. But since prostitution is being regarded as a profession here, so ikut suka depa laa. Cuma banyakkan beristigfar, kuatkan iman, tundukkan pandangan bagi kaum Adam & doa jela depa dapat hidayah. A friend of mine bagitau, pekerja dorang ni siap dapat employee benefit macam EPF lagi kau. Fuhhh apa nak jadi dunia ni -_-!

Then on the next day we went to Cologne. Pernah dengar jugak lah khabar yang Cologne ni tempat asal cologne mist yang uols duk sembur-sembur nak bagi wangi tu. Sejauh mana benarnya, once again silalah google ye sorry lately agak pemalas nak lelama depan laptop hehehe. We didn't do much here, in these two cities. Just had few hours of walk around the city and snapping picture is a must! So, tanpa bebelan yang lama dan panjang lebar, let's just straight away look at the pictures taken!

~ macam fefeeling dekat U.S pun ada tengok view ni hihi ~

~ a bridge near Frankfurt City ~
~ Subhanallah. A tree full of uniqueness! ~
~ Love-locked?? A typical view of bridges in Europe ~
~ somewhere in Frankfurt. very style heh ^^ ~
~ Allahuakbar. The skyscrapers definitely can never beat the sky ~
~ a view from Main Tower, Frankfurt ~

~ gimme the money! Frankfurt's Eurotower ~
~ heyy, spiderman is real in Cologne! ~
~ having a customized chocolate at Schokoladen Museum, Cologne ~

That's all folks. Thanks for your attention. Wait for the last chapter for this Misi Jelajah Dunia I. More exciting stories to be shared soon *hopefully ^^,


Let's take some time to do Zikrullah.
Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Lailahaillallah Allahuakbar.
Well done!


Monday, February 10, 2014

:: Misi Jelajah Dunia - Switzerland ::

Assalamualaikum, hello people...

In continuation of the previous vacation chapter, now it's time for S.W.I.T.Z.E.R.L.A.N.D. It's the Swiss, people!! Oh my...she is VERYY GORGEOUS. A very beautiful country that you could've ever imagine. The most recommended place of other places in Europe I've been to so far! Period. *millions of thumbs up!*

We went straight to Zurich on the 24th Dec 2013 from Klagenfurt. It was a verryy long journey spent in one of Eurail's trains. If I can remember it correctly, it was DB Bahn. We didn't do much in Zurich, just a mere transit you can say. We needed to rush up so that we managed to arrive before dark. So it was quite a pity there. And from there we hopped on to a Swiss train to Lucern as our hostel is located somewhere there. This time it took us around 45 minutes only. Then we took a bus for another 10 minutes, bla bla bla..finally arrived! Bellapark Hostel - worth staying hostel - Yeay!

Then a plot of sad story took place. We decided to look for some halal food and ingredients for our two days in Lucern. Took the 10 minutes bus and reached the city. It was already dark and the shops were closed!! 98 % of them! We went to a shop that sells kebab as suggested by, the owner was closing the shop too. Argghh.. what are we gonna eat? Well, this might be because it's co-incidentally on the lovely night of the-once-in-a-year-24th-Dec. People were probably having their roasted turkey and toast by now, celebrating their festive. And so, the only option that we had was to sacrifice our precious instant noodles. luckily we still have you! alhamdulillah.

The next day, alhamdulilah we found back our happiness! We had the opportunity to climb up ok fine, we went with the cable cars to the gorgeous Mount Pilatus. Weehooo! There are few pit-stops before you could reach to the top of the mountain. You are only allowed to go up further if the weather permits. So the tickets were sold by stops. We went up to the 2nd stop since it was windy, that we weren't allowed to go further, and were terrific with the view. Subhanallah. Glory be to Allah alone. Alhamdulillah for this experience. The snows are everywhere! The ground was freezing and covered by those white fellas. It was the first time ever for most of us, so we were all snapping photos, rolling up a 'life' broadcast, and goofing around like a kindergarten kids. *maaf, bukan pura-pura. memang kami jakun dengan snow. Malaysia mana ada snow maa. korang pun sama je kan. jangan nak kelentong lah hahaha*

Then after spending hours there, we decided to ask if we could go to the top. And yes we CAN! Alhamdulillah. Paying for the next tickets and off we go to the top! There was a restaurant and even a hotel there. It was freaking cold and windy outside. So we decided to have a lunch first. Having it with the Swiss mountains as a background, everything tasted so yummeh! As soon as we gathered our strength, we climbed up to the top. they made stairs, and yeah, we c.l.i.m.b.e.d it :) But it was a bit slippery that you must be extra careful. And then suddenly, it was snowing! We were all soo verryy excited! Alhamdulillah. Time ni snow kejap je. tapi time nak turun dekat 2nd stop tu memang lebat gilos. sampai ktorg yang jakun terlajak ni keluar ambil feel snowing-snow kejap hihihi :)

~ magnificent view from inside DB Bahn ~
~ one of our friend having a discussion with Christian mubaligh ~
~ Lucern city. Chapel Bridge is here! ~
~ Pilatus Cable Station ~
~ off we go! ~
~ the second stop ~
~ Subhanallah ~
~ I was here! ~

~ our chilly smiley Mr. Snowman ~

~ off we go to the TOP! ~
~ the TOP station ~

~ restaurant KL Tower pun confirm kalah yaww~


~ all I can say is ALHAMDULILLAH ~

And before signing off, we booked a Golden Pass Panoramic train with additional €6 per person with a valid Eurail pass from Lucern to Interlaken OST. And from there we continued our next journey to Germany. It was really worth it. A two-hours panoramic view of snowy Switzerland. *thumbs up!*

Majestic views from the train are as below: 

~ subhanallah ~
~ beautiful icy Swiss. Allahuakbar ~
~ snowy Interlaken OST ~

And soo.. would you afford to miss this terrific place? Oh come on! You better not! This is only Pilatus, not even Titlis yet. I'm sure the 'top of Europe' would offer you double than this. Even though Swiss was known for its pricy things, I'm sure you could manage it. Cook on your own or bring your own food from home will help you with the budget :)

The end of this long, full-of-image chapter! maybe I should consider writing story books thehehe.

Till the next one! Adios!
Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah.



Sunday, February 9, 2014

:: Cerita tentang sebuah KEPUTUSAN ::

Assalamualaikum, hello people...

Haa cuak tak bilamana baca tajuk? haha. And since this is an important matter for me, kita KIV dulu lah ye post pasal holiday dan vacation hehe.

As ACCA fellas might have aware of, ACCA punya result dah pun keluar tanggal 8 Feb 2014, bagi yang attempt exam December 2013 hari tu!! OMG takut dan cuak nya time nak check hanya Allah je yang tau. Result apa pun before ni, mak jemah tak pernah senerveous ni. ACCA pulak semangat sangat dorang sampai siap bagi result thru email dengan tajuk 'ACCA Examination Result'. Aku yang tengah refresh gmail kot-kot ada yang nak mintak contoh surat penangguhan ke tak semena-mena pun kaget lah. So what did I do to? The email was ticked, starred and skipped je :)

~ nampak tak betapa ACCA excited nak bagitau result ktorg. aiyoo orang cuak laa ~
Housemate yang pada awalnya konon-konon bertekad tak nak check, tup-tup dia yang paling awal dapat tau result. Cehhh! Walaupun bermacam style dorg ni check result memasing kan.. Yang sorang ni check email dengan debaran, sorang mintak tolong kawan nun jauh di Malaysia dan sorang lagi encik tunang yang tolong tengokkan. And alhamdulillah, memasing dapat bersujud syukur ke hadrat Ilahi.

And so, tinggal la mak jemah sorang ni je yang sanggup menahan rasa eager nak tau result. Sungguh aku perlukan kekuatan. So aku pun lek je dulu. And nasib baik la aku ni bukan jenis yang mudah tak senang duduk. Selagi aku buat derk, tak fikir pasal result, I would be fine. Tapi bila fikir je.. tegang urat merih memikirkan apa yang perlu dibuat kalau-kalau result tak seberapa. Takut ohh! 

Siri penangguhan pun berlaku.

Situasi #1 Nak check pepagi. "Ala nanti lah. Rileks la dulu, cuak weh!Taknakk. Takuttt!!"
Situasi #2 Nak check lepas Dhuha. "Tak ingat macam mana nak sujud syukur. Belajar dulu lah. Nanti boleh terus buat je if result ok."
Situasi #3 Nak check lepas Zohor. "Eh nanti lah. Takut tak lalu nak lunch pulak nanti."
Situasi #4 Nak check lepas Isyak. "Ahh nanti tak lalu tidur kang naya! Tidur dulu lah. Esok ye, esok!"

Rasa macam loser mintak penumbuk tak? Begitulah nampaknya haha. Bukan apa. Semuanya sebab takut dan terlalu memikirkan nasib jika tidak lulus sepertimana mereka semua. tabiat tak bagus. sila jangan ikuti ye. And finally selepas berkali-kali niat itu tertangguh, aku kuatkan juga diri selepas Subuh itu. check email je pun padahal, takyah login apa pun.

Skip lah nama, alamat semua tu.. terus je cari bahagian 'Marks' dan 'Result'. Dua perkataan 'Pass' yang tertera. Markah pun ok lah not bad. MasyaAllah. Alhamdulillah. Terus aku letak je phone and sujud syukur ke hadrat Ilahi. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. Engkau telah murahkan rezekiku. Alhamdulillah.
~ syukur. syukur. syukur ~
Begitulah cerita tentang pengalaman pertama aku time nak dapat result ACCA ni. It is just a mere 'Pass' or a 'Fail'. Even though it's normal for people to reattempt these papers, the nightmare if I didn't manage to get a both 'Pass' is just beyond imagination. Well maybe because I'm doing it fulltime, plus I'm under a sponsorship convertible loan actually. Paling terasa sebab housemate masing-masing lulus semua, so kita yang belum check ni duk asyik terfikir 'what if I'm the only one..' jela. Tu yang buat kusut tu kan.

Info tambahan: 
Sujud syukur - sujud tanda syukur bila dapat berita gembira or terelak daripada musibah.

- suci dari hadas kecil dan besar 
- menutup aurat
- menghadap kiblat
Ada yang kata tak perlu berwudhu' dan lain-lain syarat. Sebab ia diluar waktu solat. Wallahua'lam.

1. Menghadap kiblat
2. Niat "Sahaja aku sujud syukur kerana Allah Taala" 
3. Takbir dan kemudian terus sujud sekali (baca doa sujud macam time solat)
4. Salam

Sekian habis cerita.
Aku bersyukur dan redha atas kurniaMu.



:: Misi jelajah Dunia - Austria ::

Assalamualaikum, hello people...

Sorry for been silence for a while. Ada projek terbaru dekat Kota Constantinople theehehe. Now let's go go go to the third chapter! Weehooo!

Our next stop is Austria. Tak termasuk dalam list pun sebenarnya hihi. But luckily a friend of mine ada cousin dekat Klagenfurt, and he wanted to join our trip. So it was like killing two birds with a stone lah. Ktorg ambil dia untuk join trip, sambil sambil tu buat lawatan dekat Austria hehe. Dan bertambah beruntung lagi bila kawan dia sudi bawakkan ktorg jenjalan. Thanks Miss J and alhamdulillah, thanks Ya Allah...

We spent 4 days there - penginapan free lah katakan hehehe - but most of our days were at home. Cooking, chilling, laundering, talking and talking! haha. Miss J taught us how to do some desserts! We were basically just relaxing our tired body before continuing the long journey. So alhamdulillah sebab Allah takdirkan kami berhenti di sini macam lah pergi bersawah kan nak penat2 bagai :)  

Miss J 'stole' one of our days and brought us to Vienna, the capital and largest city of Austria. The train from Klagenfurt to Vienna took our 4 hours yaww. Dah la winter, siang pendek. Gasaklah kau haha. Tapi ktorg pergi balik hari je. Pergi awal pagi, balik malam. We firstly went to Vienna Islamic Centre and performed our jama' prayer there. Subhanallah, it was quite some time that we are able to see the beautiful figure of a mosque. A real mosque, the one with a dome. Then, Miss J brought us to see the Schönbrunn Palace. There was a Christmas market and Miss J asked us to try few things that we ourselves would not dare to try was-was punya pasal hehehe. The one she suggested, insyaAllah halalan toyyiban

Oh haa.. a very tragic incident happened on our way back. Miss J was been pick pocketed! La haula wala quwwata illa billah. Sangat kurang asam gelugor anak-anak mat saleh ni. 

Location: Inside the train. The suspect (or shall I call suspects): A bunch of teenagers. Modus oerandi: They would try to surround you (so that other people won't notice) & then start acting! Target: Tourist (maybe) They pretended to be lost and were asking for a direction to a place that we don't think ever existed in the railmap. As Miss J was kindly trying to help them, she (and we) didn't noticed that her sling bag was slightly opened. And there her wallet goes... That mistake of ours served as a golden opportunity for those rude kids. Yes, very rude!

And to make things worst, the policeman wasn't being helpful. At all. We aren't stupid yet to not know that yes, there's nothing you can do. Taula awak dah tak boleh buat pape dah. Those culprits were gone. But hello! We just wanna make a REPORT. All cards including identification cards are GONE. Shouldn't we have a police report to renew those things? Haiyyaa itu pun susah ka? tarak paham ka..polis Malaysia lagi sangat helpful kot. Haiyaa sorry flashback pun boleh emosi hehe!

So guys, a piece of advice during travel, please please please beware of strangers and surroundings. Be aware of your belongings. Avoid crowded places especially a bunch of teenagers. Uncivilized people are just everywhere!

~ scenery outside the train. Allahu ~
~ gimme the snow! soon! *jakun* ~

~ terrific view on our way to Vienna. Subhanallah ~

~ Vienna Islamic Centre. Glory be to Allah alone ~

~ Schönbrunn Palace. Miss J claims that this palace is hers haha ~
~ tempting tak? :) Vienna's fluffy doughnut, hot choc & kinderpunsch. yummeh ~

And the very last day was spent nicely and calmly in Klagenfurt. We went for a walk around the city and ice-skating tertipu sebenarnya ni sebab ingatkan it is an open rink. tu yang teruja nak pergi main miahahaha.

Piccas time!!
~ it's a Jalur Gemilang! A Malaysian house! teratak melayu ~
~ Klagenfurt yaww ~

~ Klagen pun ada makanan menarik apa! ~
~ meriahnya hoii Christmas market Klagenfurt ni :) ~
~ walaupun tertipu & dapat kasut pink (cantik jugak), iols tetap sedia beraksi. weehooo ~
~ saki baki snow Klagen yang bertukar jadi ais. pun boleyy laa ~

Sekian sahaja lah laporan saya sepanjang di bumi Austria. Penuh suka dan duka. Treasure those moments :)

Okayy till the next chapter!
Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Lailahaillallah. Allahuakbar.