Wednesday, April 2, 2014

:: Misi Jelajah Dunia - Germany ::

Assalamualaikum, hello people...

GERMANY. Next chapter after Swiss which took almost 2 months! sorry to keep you waiting, if there's anyone lah haha. We continued our journey from Zurich to Frankfurt. Did you find lots of frankfurter? Lame question but I hear you ask! haha. Of course we didn't. Well, is it even true that frankfurter comes from Frankfurt?? i don't know the answer, so google it yourself la ye hehehe. 

Spent a night there in a hotel near the city centre. MasyaAllah. There are too many premises providing prostitution-kind-of-business in that area. If you guys have ever come across Red Light which is famous in Amsterdam, yeah it's equivalent to that lah. Kalau panggil JAIS dan pihak berkuasa ni, confirm penuh lokap. But since prostitution is being regarded as a profession here, so ikut suka depa laa. Cuma banyakkan beristigfar, kuatkan iman, tundukkan pandangan bagi kaum Adam & doa jela depa dapat hidayah. A friend of mine bagitau, pekerja dorang ni siap dapat employee benefit macam EPF lagi kau. Fuhhh apa nak jadi dunia ni -_-!

Then on the next day we went to Cologne. Pernah dengar jugak lah khabar yang Cologne ni tempat asal cologne mist yang uols duk sembur-sembur nak bagi wangi tu. Sejauh mana benarnya, once again silalah google ye sorry lately agak pemalas nak lelama depan laptop hehehe. We didn't do much here, in these two cities. Just had few hours of walk around the city and snapping picture is a must! So, tanpa bebelan yang lama dan panjang lebar, let's just straight away look at the pictures taken!

~ macam fefeeling dekat U.S pun ada tengok view ni hihi ~

~ a bridge near Frankfurt City ~
~ Subhanallah. A tree full of uniqueness! ~
~ Love-locked?? A typical view of bridges in Europe ~
~ somewhere in Frankfurt. very style heh ^^ ~
~ Allahuakbar. The skyscrapers definitely can never beat the sky ~
~ a view from Main Tower, Frankfurt ~

~ gimme the money! Frankfurt's Eurotower ~
~ heyy, spiderman is real in Cologne! ~
~ having a customized chocolate at Schokoladen Museum, Cologne ~

That's all folks. Thanks for your attention. Wait for the last chapter for this Misi Jelajah Dunia I. More exciting stories to be shared soon *hopefully ^^,


Let's take some time to do Zikrullah.
Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Lailahaillallah Allahuakbar.
Well done!



  1. Was browsing bout Frankfurt ..then terjumpa blog u ..
    Nak pegi esok ada course .. baru malam nie search pasal frankfurt .. :p
    Anyway .. happy blogging .. salam kenal ;)

    1. Hi! was my Frankfurt-info helped then? hehe. this was just from my point of view jela. others might find it wayy better kan. anyways, salam kenal jugak! :)